Android Stop Shitting On My Home Screen

I don’t know if this is a feature or a bug. When you install an app from the Google play store, it annoyingly creates an app icon on your home screen. This is something I don’t mind dealing with as I organize( categorize) my icons on my home screen, so its easier to drag the icon to the right category. The annoying part happen when let say I forget to organize my icon and I uninstall the app. I expect Android to garbage collect the garbage it created on my home screen but it doesn’t. If I repeatedly uninstall, re install the same app, you can image the mess it creates. Just see the image below to see what I mean.  And oh, when you uninstall the app, and tap on the icons on the home screen, they flash a toast in your face.

Screenshot_2013-03-21-00-14-33 (1)